Wonders of the Mekong Project

Several activitires about fish Coloring with kindergarten children in different schools. River Clean Up And Fish Release At Chaktomuk Confluence, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

River Ocean Cleanup (ROC) holds “World Fish Migrant Day” in Phnom Penh to ensure the extinct species are conserved and raise awareness among people who are living along the river to keep waste properly in the Phnom Penh river today.

This event was attended by over 200 students and other volunteers who loved the environment by collecting garbage along the river bank.

Faculty of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Field visit of the Royal University of Agriculture’s fisheries students to understand the dam and fish passage, Cambodia

Linking Fisheries University Students to Understand Rivers, Migratory Fishes, Dams, and Community Fisheries in Cambodia’s Upper Mekong River System