WWF Adria

Removing artificial barriers from rivers restores the natural flow dynamics, allows the migration of fish and other river-dwelling species, and significantly reduces the risk of floods and droughts.

The national seminar, organized by WWF Adria, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and the relevant ministry with the Institute for Environment and Nature Protection, has an international character. The Dam Removal Europe movement was presented, as well as a concrete example of dam removal from France. Experts from Plitvice Lakes National Park presented the current project of the first barrier removal in Croatia on the Bijela Rijeka stream, and the extensive “Improve River Life” project implemented by the Institute was also presented. This project will create a register of artificial barriers in Croatian watercourses and a list of priority locations for restoration by removing or ensuring passability through various adaptations.

WFMD celebration at the Amazon of Europe

We celebrated WFMD on Saturday 25 May. The WFMF and WWF team visited the Amazon of Europe to celebrate with a rafting activity and a visit to the river restoration project.