“It was really awesome and inspiring to be part of this event. The people from the Voss River Club loved it and would like to do it again next year by offering the city’s residents the chance to join them on the water! We need to share as many moments as possible in the river with people around the world. It is this connection between nature and between people that allows us to protect it.”

Marlène Devillez – Extreme and freestyle kayaker and WFMD Ambassador for 2024

Run like a sturgeon dressed like an eel

Steph Januchowski-Hartley (USA)

Sturgeon level 1000km

Happy Fish Athlete Challenge 2024 Individual Sturgeon

Megan Wilmott (USA)

Sturgeon level 1000km

Running 500km for#HappyFishAthleteChallenge

Emma Sandham (UK)

Shad level 500km

Biking and Hiking with Happy Fish

Carmen Sánchez Cunqueiro (Spain)

Shad level 500km

Happy Fish in Veneto

Luigino Alducci (Italy)

Sturgeon level 1000km

Launch of Tagliamento River information Platform

Ruben Van Treeck (Germany)

Goby level 300km

Happy Fish Athlete Challenge

Jen Thompson (Australia)

The event worked marvellously.  I was way more involved in bike riding and this gave me many opportunities to tell family and friends about the plight of migratory fishes battling the obstacles humans place in their way.

I’ve provided images showing the bike’s odometer covering the 300 km distance. I’ve also attached a photo of Mr Pip (the Papillon) who begrudgingly comes with me on many of the rides – a big yawn because he’s so bored.

Jen Thompson 

Goby level 300km

DFO Happy Fish Athlete Challenge

Fisheries and Oceans DFO (Canada)

Group Goby 600km