Neon Edu

Presentation Day of Migratory Fish in Mongolia

The Neon Edu Presentation Contest for secondary school students offers a unique platform for students to enhance their English presentation skills while delving into the fascinating topic of fish migration and rivers in Mongolia. Participants are encouraged to craft compelling narratives and articulate their ideas effectively in English, as they delve into the intricate patterns of fish migration and rivers within Mongolia’s diverse ecosystems. Through this contest, students not only refine their language proficiency but also gain valuable insights into environmental science and conservation efforts. By exploring the migratory behaviours of fish species in Mongolia’s rivers and lakes, contestants deepen their understanding of ecological interconnectedness and the importance of preserving these natural habitats. The contest serves as a bridge between language learning and environmental awareness, empowering students to communicate proficiently while fostering a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

The Nature Conservancy Mongolia

TNC Mongolia BU has celebrated WFMD in cooperation with Delgermoron-Shishkhed River Basin Authority, fish scientist, and puppeteers by conducting the following two activities:

  1. Raising public awareness of migratory fish values and threats, taimen as well as TNC freshwater goal and project activities in Delgermoron River by releasing social media contents between May 21 and June 07, 2024,,
  2. An event of WORLD FISH MIGRATION DAY: Free flow with “Adventure of Jargal” children’s puppet show at Titem Secondary School in Murun city, Khuvsgul Province on May 27, 2024. Our focus was school children as kids have bright dreams to improve world and influence surrounding adults.
    • “Adventure of Jargal” children’s puppet showson the topic of migratory fish and their connection to different ecosystem, the threats and ways of fish protection, and traditional nature conservation ways
    • Drawing art competition and kids talkon the topic of migratory fish and the puppet story
    • Gift packagewith stickers, key ring, balloons, and crayons
    • 130 pupils of 4thgrade in the Titem Secondary School