University of Belgrade- Institute of Multidisciplinary Research

School workshop “Together for the Healthy Danube”

On Wednesday, March 6, a workshop “Together for the Healthy Danube” was held at the primary school “Bora Lazić” in the village of Vlaška (Mladenovac) Serbia, for 4th and 6th-grade students to present the Danube4All project ideas and activities. Through interactive presentations and hands-on training, the children were introduced to the importance of natural river habitats, visible and invisible life in the river, and fish migration. They conducted small experiments to understand how plants adopt pollutants, observed two crayfish species and freshwater hydra under the microscope, plated the Danube River water sample on nutrient media to observe the heterotrophic bacteria post-incubation growth, and completed the task of marking all sources of pollution on the given picture.

Special attention was devoted to the presentation of the World Fish Migration Foundation (, the celebration of World Fish Migration Day, and the art contest for children. Also, the completed project ELEDAN ( and developed activities and lectures dedicated to river capacity to clean itself were presented.


On May 22-24, the DANUBE4all project held its second General Assembly. This time, the project team travelled to Belgrade, in Serbia, and the encounter could not end without a World Fish Migration Day celebration with the launch of the Healthy Danube Network and Danube Travelling Exhibition!