We are excited to announce the results of our global petition, which calls on world leaders to take swift political action to create and implement an emergency recovery plan to restore and protect our freshwater fish populations. This must be done by removing obsolete barriers and protecting all remaining free-flowing rivers.  

This issue and its solutions are widely supported by organizations around the world. This petition was signed by: 

 402 organizations from 86 countries 

The people have spoken, and the message is clear: we must restore rivers for migratory fish to protect biodiversity, food sources, and livelihoods. With a 76% global decline in migratory fish populations, the time to act is now.  

The petition calls for two primary objectives to restore freshwater biodiversity: 

  1. Permanently protect all remaining free-flowing rivers;
  2. Remove obsolete river barriers: prioritizing high impacting barriers to restore river connectivity

We are truly overwhelmed by the support we have received for this petition, and we hope the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will feel the same.


Recently, we finalized our petition on free flowing rivers. We want to show the importance of having free, living rivers for fish, biodiversity and people. We were honoured to receive 402 signed petitions from 86 countries showing that our message and urgent call is a widely spread thought and wish from all over the world.

This petition will hopefully hold its weight at the COP15 of 2022, a meeting with decision makers from all over the world, concerning the state of biodiversity and the actions required to preserve and restore it. The conference was planned for the 27th of april until the 8th of May. The CBD, as organizing party of the COP15, has postponed this conference to August 2022 for the earliest.
In any way we will bring this petition to influential people all over the world.

We thank all who shared their signature and energy. Open Letters to the CBD will motivate decision makers to bring this important topic to the top of their agenda.


You can read more about the petition, and download the open letter and list of signatures that will be presented to the CBD at COP-15 on our website.